Step Into Another World

Live Action Role Playing Battle

Set in another time and place

The forces of chaos are very real and abound all around.

Only the strong, quick witted and wise shall survive.

Follow the path of the Humans and learn to become a Holy Paladin.

Gather resources, motivate your people, rebuild your camps and lead your people out of the dark forces of nature and chaos which has fallen across the land.

Unlock the powers and mysteries of the universe and the secrets of the occult. Use your gift of the ancient Art of Magic and become a powerful force of nature as a Witch, Wizard or Magician.

Cloaked in darkness and shrouded in mystery, Vampires were once a mighty and Noble peoples. Until a witch placed a curse on their blood line. Now they are only nightmarish shadows of their former glory and selves. With a vengeance and appetite for blood.

Choose your Race

Pledge Your Allegiance.

Stop The Unholy Empire

Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Human, Witch or Vampire

Welcome to World of Lord Slayer

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